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My immediate post-ep reaction, so I reserve the right to totally have a different opinion in a few days...

And I'm very conflicted about things so expect me to contradict myself a dozen times ...

On to my reactions:

- I like Hannah.  I mean, like her as in I could see hanging out with her and having a good time.  And she seemed to have that knack of connecting with people on their level (Discussing media conspiracies with Hodgins? FTW, Hannah.)  And Brennan didn't seem to put her off at all with her Brennan-ness. 
- Booth was getting on my nerves asserting to Brennan and Sweets how happy and in love he is.  I mean, I'm no shrink but it smacked of 'say it until it's true'
- I thought Brennan's statement to Angela that she had exactly what she expected to have in life very sad and unfortunately very true
- Back to Hannah:  I think she's going to get bored in D.C. and pull a Sully and ride off into the sunset. 
- Brennan basically spelled it out for Booth when they were in the bar at the end and she was basically telling him that it means nothing to love someone if you can fall out of love with that person and into love with someone else (I mean, she could have just said, "You proved my entire theory on feelings being ephemeral when you said you loved me but then went and fell for Hannah a few months later")
- Brennan was trying really hard I thought to be more open and friendly than I've ever seen - character growth, yay!
- Clark and his verbal diarrhea - hilarious!

All in all, I feel heart-crushed for Brennan, a little ticked off at Booth, annoyed that Angela doesn't seem to be getting it, and hopeful - all rolled into one. 

Now that I've gotten this off my chest I can cruise through LJ and check out everyone else's reactions!

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