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There is no way I can begin to attain the level of awesomeness that is this post HERE by [ profile] iam_space  - so go there immediately if you want recs and links for Hawaii 5-0. 

But in the interest of having all my faves at my fingertips, here are the Hawaii 5-0 fics that have meant something to me.  Listed pretty much in order of how I read them.  Rating and Pairing listed after title/author. 

Two Men and A Little Lady by [ profile] iam_space-PG-13, Steve/Danny
Summary: The one in which Danny realizes just what (and who) his life has become.

Later by [ profile] quadratur - PG, Steve/Danny
Summary: The attraction between them has been there from the beginning and while it might have taken him some time to admit it to himself, Danny is pretty sure that by now it's only a question of time before one of them takes the next step. It is completely insane, but Danny is getting used to insane.

Sometimes a Blue Macaw by [ profile] ariadnes_string - PG-13, Gen
Summary: “Okay. Okay: Stop,” Danny held up both hands. “I cannot believe we’re arguing about this. I cannot believe that you are still forming sentences. Tell you what: I’m gonna give you 105. But I’m gonna stay. And if you start seizing I’m making the decisions—end of story.”

Enough, Already by [ profile] sheafrotherdon - unrated (PG-13?), Steve/Danny
Summary: Danny goes over to Steve's house, has a couple of things he wants to say.  Tag to 1x15

Every Breath You Take by [ profile] azziriafic - PG-13, Steve/Danny
Summary: Steve takes a bullet, and Danny has an epiphany.

Scotty Doesn't Know, it's sequel Powder Your Face With Sunshine, and Bored of Cheap and Cheerful by [ profile] robanybody - R, Alex/Scott
Note: Three hilarious and smutty RPFs about our two favorite co-stars. Warning: RPF

Four TImes No One Noticed It Was a Date, and One Time There Wasn't Any Doubt by [ profile] t_fic - PG-NC-17 Steve/Danny
Note: Five parts, links at the bottom of each page. 

Where the World Drops Off by [ profile] portraitofafool - PG-R, Steve/Danny
Note: Multi-chaptered fic.  Warning: Amnesia fic. 

I Wish You Well by [ profile] andrealyn - R, Steve/Danny
Summary: Let’s get this straight. I am not married to Danny. I am not Steve Williams-McGarrett, I do not share my house with him, and I am not, never have been, and never will be his husband. Steve wakes up married to Danny. Except that's not how the world is supposed to work.

To the Shore by [ profile] zarah5 - NC-17, Steve/Danny
Summary: Take canon and replace Steve’s SEAL training with him and Mary owning a surf shop. Blend until smooth. Decorate with Grace talking Danny into surfing lessons. Serve hot. 
Warning: AU

A Star Looking For a Sky and the Sequel:In A Lover's Sky by [ profile] veronicaluv  - Adult(R), Steve/Danny
Summary: Steve receives some bad news and decides to drown his sorrows, leading to certain revelations that Danny never saw coming. 

Don't Turn Me Home Again by [ profile] gyzym  - NC-17, Steve/Danny (Danny/Rachel)
Summary: After a rough day of island living, Danny wakes up in New Jersey and learns the hard way to be careful what he wishes for. 

we believe in the sum of ourselves by [ profile] gyzym  - R/NC-17, Steve/Danny
Summary:This is Danny out of control. Post-ep for 1x16. 

Make A Move ('Cause I Ain't Got All Night) by [ profile] stillane  - NC-17, Steve/Danny
Summary:Danny is about 80% certain that there are deep waters buried somewhere in there. 

Tell You What (you're gonna do) by [ profile] giddygeek  - Adult (NC-17), Steve/Danny

Change of Heart by [ profile] veronicaluv  - Mature(NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary:Danny takes a big step toward making Hawaii his home. Steve shows his approval in an unexpected way 

Throw Away the Flowers by [ profile] blood_roses  - Mature(NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary:For the schmoop bingo prompt 'cloud watching' 

Fathom by [ profile] dotfic  - PG, Steve/Danny
Summary: It won't stop raining, and Danny's had it up to here. 

Let's Dance Like We Used To by [ profile] andrealyn  - PG-13, Steve/Danny
Summary: There isn't a world in which Danny wouldn't go after Grace. So when Rachel moves the family to California, Danny goes with. Steve gets left to process life without Danny. 

Put On a Slow, Dumb Show For Your by [ profile] queenklu  - PG-13, Steve/Danny
Note: Post-ep For 1x18 

It's Just What Is by [ profile] giddygeek  - PG-13(?), Steve/Danny

you testify and i'll pour the drinks by [ profile] gyzym  - PG, Steve/Danny
Summary: Post-ep for 1x18

All My Guards Away by [ profile] sheafrotherdon  - R, Steve/Danny
Summary: Tag to 1x18

put your mind at ease by [ profile] ink_like_blood  - NC-17, Steve/Danny
Summary: Somewhere in the last year, while Steve was busy killing bad guys, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been erased from the books and guys like Jeff can marry whoever they damn well please.

Ho'oponopono by ember_firedrake>  - Explicit(NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary: Groundhog Day AU. Danny finds himself trapped in the same day over and over again.

This Thing of Ours (It Needs a Better Name by leupagus  - Explicit (NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary: Cosa Nostra: (kō'sə nō'strə) etym: Italian n. The branch of the Mafia operating in the United States. Literally, "our thing" or "this thing of ours." Warnings: AU "Danny as a gangster" fic

Ma'ane'i No Ke Aloha by elise_509   - Mature (R/NC-17), Steve/Danny (Past Chin/Steve)
Summary: Chin knows how Danny feels about Steve McGarrett. In fact, he knows it all too well. Warning: AU wherein Steve and Chin met during Steve's senior year of high school.

Afterthought by sheafrotherdon   - Explicit (NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary: Tag to 1x13

No Parachutes by zarah5  - Teen(PG-13/R), Steve/Danny
Summary: Five times Danny chickened out (and one time he didn't).

Mr Rosso Goes to Hawaii by Siria  - Explicit (NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary: In which there is an undercover op, and no one looks like a waiter.

things that matter too much to say any way but lightly by [ profile] somehowunbroken  - PG-13, Steve/Danny
Summary: Steve is raising his daughter Grace alone; he left the SEALs to care for her after her mother was killed.Warning: AU

Fix Definitely As Desired by [ profile] giddygeek  - Adult (R), Steve/Danny
Summary: "I'm just saying," Steve is saying, "that you don't really seem to have settled in here."

Fine by [ profile] reflexian  - R Steve/Danny
Summary: Written for the Steve/Danny After Holidays Prompt Fest, prompt #26—Danny's vanished and the team has to find him. Steve's going insane and Kono and Chin have to keep him together long enough to rescue Danny.

I Solemnly Swear Not to Set Myself on Fire by [ profile] sheafrotherdon  - R, Steve/Danny
Summary: A wedding, for the Beginnings and Endings challenge.

Home is the Sailor, Home from the Sea by [ profile] laceymcbain  - PG, Steve/Danny
Summary: “You know,” Danny starts, “when you said 'home,' I kind of assumed you meant you had a place here, or a boat to go back to, or you know, something other than an active crime scene.”

Set Fire to This Card House by [ profile] zarah5  - NC-17, Steve/Danny
Summary: AU. In which you'll find agents, hotel beds of varying sizes and sensible rules that still deserve to be broken. Warning:AU

All the World is Waiting for the Sun by [ profile] leashy_bebes  - PG-13, Steve/Danny
Summary: So there's this tropical storm and everyone's on lockdown, except Steve who, in between interrogating suspects and driving like a maniac, finds time to pick up a milkshake for Grace. And that's basically Danny's last defence against this ridiculous man shot down, isn't it?

Ho'oheno Ohana by [ profile] esteefee  - PG, Steve/Danny
Summary: This is a tag of sorts for Loa Aloha. But from a skewed perspective.

If It's Not With You by thismuchmore  - Explicit(NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary: Steve and Danny have a long day, get drunk, have sex, and avoid talking about it.

Curving Like the Ocean Toward You by gyzym  - Explicit (NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary: If it ain't broke, fix it anyway.

Hey, Cupcake by kalena  - Gen. Audiences(PG), Steve/Danny
Summary: Grace needs cupcakes. Danny needs Steve.

5 Days - 143 Hours - 8086 Minutes by delicatale(ellievolia)  - Gen. Audiences (PG), Steve/Danny
Summary: It took them 5 days, 14 hours and 43 minutes to get Danny back. Steve didn't think he'd be the one needing Danny afterwards.

Things Unattempted Yet by Miss Pamela  - Explicit(NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary:"Whoa, whoa, whoa, please tell me you're not delirious," Danny said, making a big show of checking Steve's forehead, even though he could feel him burning up from six inches away. "Please tell me that 'I wish I was in Newark,’ aren't going to be your last words. No, no, I take that back, because as last words go, I approve, but I am not even entertaining the though that we’re in last words territory here."

'Ekahi,'Elua,'Ekolu by elise_509  - Mature(R/NC-17?), Steve/Danny/Catherine
Summary: She’s seen Steve want, but she’s never seen Steve want someone as much as he wants Danny.

A Day Without Rain by zarah5  - Mature(R), Steve/Danny
Summary: In which pancakes count as a gesture.

Folding Paper Moons Under a Cardboard Sky by james  - Teen(PG-13), Steve/Danny
Summary: Danny knows what Steve wants, but what Danny wants right now is to be rescued.

Well Past the Middle of It by Elessae  - Explicit(NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary:After the events of 1x24, Danny calls in a cavalry to break Steve out of jail, Steve thinks he has missed his chance, and they both need more rescuing than they realize.

you in the sea by Siria  - Explicit(NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary:Steve is tired.

Months and miles from dreams and the sequel Where the fears make us whole by delicatale (ellievolia)  - Explicit(NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary:He’ll get used to it - he gets used to everything. But he’s only got five days before he’s back to Africa and it feels worthless, almost. Fucking mission, fucking Basher for getting caught out. Now he’s here, wandering the streets with nowhere to go and no one to see, because he can’t go home and he can’t tell anyone he’s here.
That AU in which Steve is an active Navy SEAL and Danny is in New Jersey, owning a gym. Warning:AU

break upon the waves by somehowunbroken  - Mature(R), Steve/Danny
Summary:When a case draws Steve back to the SEALs and the life he thought he'd never be pulled back into, he comes to some realizations and has to make a choice.

Before You Go by dogeared  - Teen(PG-13), Steve/Danny
Summary:"I never really unpacked," Danny likes to joke.

Say My Name by elandrialore  - Teen(PG-13), Steve/Danny
Summary:The doctors explained that a side effect of the drug would be memory loss, but another side effect was apparently Steve’s complete and utter inability to act like a normal human being around him.

Kahu a Alaka'i by [ profile] cattraine  - Mature(NC-17), Steve/Danny
Summary: In a world where Sentinels serve the military, and Guides are chattel, Steve is an unbonded Sentinel and Danny an unwilling Guide.
“Apparently Daniel Williams did not subscribe to the calm, meditative approach to Guiding Sentinels.” Warning: AU

In These Arms by [ profile] nicolaethegray  - PG-13, Steve/Danny
Summary:Sometimes, all you need to resolve a situation is a third-party perspective – or, How Steve and Danny finally got their act together.

Not Tonight Honey, I Have a Headache by kho  - Explicit(NC-17) Steve/Danny
Summary: Chin and Kono stare at them bemusedly, as they always do, and then Chin says, “Wow, man, you really are his work-wife.”

I'm A H50 Fanfic Whore.

Date: 2011-03-17 11:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I do believe I've read ALL of these. LOL!
But there's a couple I'm going to check on just to be sure... so thanks for that!
And do you plan to just add to this post as you find more? If so, I'll be sure to check back from time to time.
Awesome, babe! ♥

Re: I'm A H50 Fanfic Whore.

Date: 2011-03-18 01:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah apparently the fanfic whoredom is contagious ...

I do plan to add to the post as things catch my attention. I'm still not sure I've read everything on AO3 and there are new things every day on LJ so I'm sure I'll be adding to it. I just had to get that first big group all collected somewhere.

I realized I haven't added to my Bones list in ages. Not that there hasn't been good fic, but I think I'm harder to impress in that fandom or something. Weird.

Re: I'm A H50 Fanfic Whore.

Date: 2011-03-18 01:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I feel the same way re: Bones though. I don't even *have* a recs list for it. And I wouldn't even know where to start.

I think it's just easier for H50 cause it's a new show, and while there's already tons of fic out there for it, it just seems more manageable? since we're getting in during the first season and all.

Even thinking of going back through six seasons of Bones fic and trying to compile a list is giving me a headache. LOL!

Re: I'm A H50 Fanfic Whore.

Date: 2011-03-19 12:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The thing with Bones is that I went through a not so happy with Show phase, and just didn't find any fics that really grabbed me - not because of the fics, but because of what was going on with the show. Now that I'm much happier with everything, I hope I'll be happier with the fics because I really need to update those recs as well.

You're right, since H50 is new, it's easier to be happy with fics because everything is so shiny and new. Obviously, things will eventually happen on Show that we're not happy with or fanfic plots will get repetitive or we'll just get a little more jaded in our opinions. But unless they do some really crazy stuff on Show, like killing off characters or making them apprentices for serial killers (ZACK!!!) then I think I'll be happy for a while.

Date: 2011-04-01 05:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Here by way of Google search for Hawaii 5-0 fic recs... :D

Thank you so much for the recs -- most especially for the rec for [ profile] iam_space's rec list.

Date: 2011-04-01 08:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh yeah, Space's rec list is amazing! Glad you found my post as well, it was a lot of work but I'm so glad I've got it all on there. Well, I actually plan to update soon, so check back!


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