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My immediate post-ep reaction, so I reserve the right to totally have a different opinion in a few days...

And I'm very conflicted about things so expect me to contradict myself a dozen times ...

On to my reactions:

Spoilers ... )

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So first off my dvr = EPIC FAIL and I had to watch on hulu.  Thank goodness  or I would have posted a major freak out. 

Personally, I totally enjoyed this episode, in a very 'candy is bad for you but I like it anyway' kind of way.  I mean, not winning any Emmys but i laughed out loud several times and that is worth a lot some days.

TT was totally brill as Cam - in fact she wins the gold star for the day.  Her timing is so perfect that she can make me laugh with just an eyebrow raise. 

Hodgins was priceless.  When he declared himself "King of the Funeral" I cracked up. 

There should never ever ever ever be another opportunity for David to sing.  I mean,  seriously - I almost had to mute it.

JFD was actually good in this.  I love it when they keep him in the dark and he gets all bewildered.

Booth is Mr. Sex!Hands all of sudden, and can't keep them to himself.  He has been seriously touchy-feely with her lately.   No complaints here ...

I loved Booth giving her prompts on how to behave at a funeral.  Especially the whispered "Sorry for your loss" prompt.

And who didn't love him telling her he could be devastatingly charming if she didn't watch? 

All in all, I enjoyed this for the pure fun of it.  It was slapstick and goofy, but for once that seemed to fit within the episode and not feel contrived or out of place. 
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I watched both eps back to back, so it feels like one long one.  This may be rambly - just a warning :)

- The last scene of 'Cinderella' was fantastic.  DH actually was watching with me and he loved her taking the bottle and giving him the glass.  He also admitted that he couldn't watch without staring at her boobs in that outfit. 

- I thought the Hodgins/Angela moment at the bar was really angsty goodness.  Those two are destined!  (PS - How did Wendell get such hot friends?)

-Who doesn't love Gordon Gordon? 

- Am I an idiot but which one of them is he saying is fighting the attraction?  I've always assumed Booth, but something about the last scene in Sweets office just seemed like it was her.  Maybe I'm just slow but it didn't seem obvious that it was one vs the other - it seemed like both of them are fighting it pretty hard.

- Her admission about the foster family broke my heart - loved that it broke Booth's too.  I thought he was going to cry. 

-I'm glad we found out more about Sweets, and this ep seemed like Wyatt was passing the torch to him, which I can live with now I think

- All in all, I loved the second ep and only liked the first.  I'm starting to get a feel for how they plan to have her character undergo some changes this season, leading up to the finale.  

What about everyone else?  

PS - Britt - read your rant and you go girl!   
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**spoilers obviously**

Hopefully most of you have watched by now.  I watched last night at 10pm EST - right after the dvr clicked off.  I was actually excited for this ep ...

Good points:

1.  The "wall scene" - not what we all hoped for but cute nonetheless.  Both of them looked a little frisky *minor squee*

2.  Mr. Nigel-Murray - I really like him.  He's not Zack but he is funny.

3.  Booth's speech about "making a metaphorical mark"  - she actually seemed to get it

4. Brennan's concern for Booth's jaw - *big squee* - right after she turned down the weirdo blind guy. 


Bad points:

1.  Booth's portrayal as "stupid" - that bugs the crap out of me

2. Goof!Booth - no need to say more

3.  The really strange smart people - most really smart people are not that bizarre or that robotic in terms of emotions.  All geniuses don't have Asperger's syndrome.


There are tons more but in the spirit of discussion, I hope to hear everyone else's opinions!


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From the title of this post there are obviously spoilers but it doesn't hurt to remind everyone. 

Feel free to squee or bash - I may do a little of both.



Here be spoilers ... )


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