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There is no way I can begin to attain the level of awesomeness that is this post HERE by [ profile] iam_space  - so go there immediately if you want recs and links for Hawaii 5-0. 

But in the interest of having all my faves at my fingertips, here are the Hawaii 5-0 fics that have meant something to me.  Listed pretty much in order of how I read them.  Rating and Pairing listed after title/author. Favorite Hawaii 5-0 Fics )


May. 2nd, 2011 09:16 pm
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Please to be going here:

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Author/Artist: [ profile] doc_3 
Title: The Weight of Us
Rating: R, mainly for language, M/M kissing
Warnings/Spoilers:  Spoilers - general for any aired episodes, although slight.
Summary:   Danny looks back at a decision he and Steve made years ago, and has an important conversation with a teenaged Grace.  Future fic. Danny/Steve
Author's note:  This was a labor of love and would have never come to fruition without the fabulous beta and cheerleading skills of [ profile] iam_space  .  There is no way it would have been possible without you, babe.  
Disclaimer:  Hawaii Five-0 and its characters are property of CBS, et. al. Title ([ profile] iam_space's idea so thanks again, babe) from the song of the same name by Sanders Bohlke.  

Tell me you’re not going to hate me for this decision, Steve. Tell me we can survive this. )
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Go to this post HERE and see the awesomeness of Alex's tats. 

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Hey everyone!  I've updated my journal and added all my new fave Hawaii 5-0 fics to a "Favorite Fics" post.  Yes, I'm a Steve/Danny shipper - the subtext on the show just can't be ignored. 

Post can be found   HERE.

You may have seen all of these recced by [ profile] iam_space , because she's awesome like that, and I have her to thank for pointing me to a bunch of them.  But there may be a new one or two.


ETA: I realized after posting this that Space and I both were changing layouts at the same time and we both have H50 recs posts, and I just wanted to say I am totally not a stalker. Great minds I guess?


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