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I've always wanted to keep my favorite fics in one place - here is that attempt.  I hope to add more as time goes on!

Bones - Booth/Brennan

Burial in Green Ridge Forest - labsquint

Capitulation - bredalot

Dying a Little Bit - notesofwimsey

Earthgrazers - SkylaraK

Four Secrets That Brennan Will Never Tell Booth - Lerdo

Knight in Dented Armor - Hematitebadger

Lifetimes - AnnabelleG

Once Upon a Time - Lerdo

PostSnag Swagger - nattysuits

Refrain - bredalot

Stalemate - labsquint

Target Practice - Hvolt11

The Song That Silence Sings - littlepinkstar

Unwell - Lerdo

You're Lovely to Me - bertie456

A Roll of the Dice - MustangAlley

It Started With a Kiss - missmargaret

Lines (Make Me Want to Cross Them) - nekare

Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt - tempertemper77

Because entropy is a natural force except when it's not - daygloparker

Not Tonight - Gryphin

The Sixth Time - ygrawn

The Killer in the Classroom - bloodwrites

One Way it Could Go - obrien_blue

From the Greek Paradeigma, Meaning "Example" - daygloparker

Catalyst - ayiana2

Chase This Light - by [ profile] spacekid77

A Change is Calling Out (And I Am Listening Now) - by [ profile] cardiogod

Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack/Elizabeth

Retribution - Crysania

Ten Years - Crysania

The Flying Dutchman - BrethlessM

Captain's Privilege - salr323

Beyond the Far Horizon - salr323

Seasons - salr323

Settling Up - geekmama

Wrong Decision, Right Reasons - klp_8

At World's End: Redux - salr323 and fried_flamingo

Harry Potter 

Under the Night Sky - sillysun22 - Draco/Ginny

Notes on Falling Out of Love - incipient_love - Draco/Ginny

Faerie Tales and Dragonflies - gidge_8 - Draco/Ginny

What Happens in Italy ... - butterfly_kate - Draco/Ginny

Mountains to Climb - humbuggirl - Draco/Ginny

The Sleepwalkers - 60sfreak - Draco/Ginny

Respite - burnthegallows Draco/Hermione

The Broken Road - CliodnaHPFan - Draco/Ginny

Where I Stand - Adelagia - Draco/Ginny

Wishes for Your Soul - Lirie Halliwell - Draco/Ginny

Mastering the Art of Pig Wrestling - SkoosiePants - Draco/Ginny

The Barest Hint of Lemon - applecede - Draco/Ginny

Sick - where_is_truth - Draco/Ginny

Femme Fatale - mynuet - Draco/Ginny

Enough - Theolyn - George/Hermione

Curious Cures - humbuggirl - Draco/Ginny

There Are No Constants - idea_of_sarcasm - Fred/Hermione

A Bit Unhealthy - by [ profile] annafugazzi - George/Angelina

Parade of the Sun - by [ profile] everythursday - Draco/Hermione

The Dragon's Bride - by rizzle - Draco/Hermione

The Hope of Her - by Ellyse - Harry/Ginny

The Politician's Wife - by pir8fancier - Draco/Hermione

JAG - Harm/Mac

Conditional Surrender - Aerogirl

Against the Wind - Sooz

No Higher Price - Aerogirl

O' Night Devine - LRM

Paved With Good Intentions - Soleil

Shadowland - Sooz

Tidal - Slippin' Mickeys

Part II- Moonlight, Angel, Twilight

Part III - Hawaii 5-0 

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